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Saturday, September 19, 2020


Facebook Fan Page Management

6 Workshops help you develop a successful Non Profit Facebook Fan page 

Now that you have a Facebook Fan page, you need to create a strategy to increase your fan base, participation, and engagement with your supporters and contributors.

Do you have a plan?

We’ve assembled 6 workshops that will give you access to experts, research, best practices, and information you need to create a successful Fan page. Conveniently spaced over 6 months, you’ll have time to absorb and implement the information you learn, plus get feedback before the next workshop.

The workshops will focus on:

  • How to develop a content publishing schedule to keep supporters and volunteers coming back.
  • How to effectively tag photos and videos to be more viral.   (Increase event participation & buzz)
  • 5 ways to increase participation in events, activities.
  • How to develop an army of content providers, content you can use in your magazine and newsletters.
  • Best practices that will increase engagement between contributors.  (Increase challenge gifts)
  • How you can use Facebook advertising to promote your events.
  • Techniques to network your supporters and contributors before and after events.
  • Using polls, boxes, discussions, surveys and third party tools.
  • How to use Insights strategically to deliver what your contributors are interested in.

Each month our workshop will focus on a specific area. You’ll pick up terminologies, tips, examples, best practices and identify strategies to adopt on your fan page. A work book will help you build your strategy! 

Each participant will receive a certificate of accomplishment for successfully completing the course.

We’ll also connect you with others taking the course so you can share ideas. If you are unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, you can listen to the recording. Workshops are limited in size to keep them interactive.

Facebook Content Strategies    November 29th, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

The reason supporters and contributors fan your page is because they want to learn more about your issues, your staff, awards you receive, people you help and mark you are making in your area of expertise. What they don’t want is a steady stream of marketing asking for donations. We’ll show you how you can still market your events, activities and fundraise - but do it in a way that it comes from their peers, people they respect. You’ll learn how to create an army of content producers that will go viral, plus we’ll discuss 67 different content strategies. Study guides include: Content is King and 67 + Facebook Content Strategies

Advanced tools and Services    December 21st, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

Are you using the right Facebook tools? Our research is showing most organizations are overlooking using FBML, Notes, Boxes, Events and Polls.  We’ll review some of the more popular tools and show you how they work and where you could apply them. And we'll evaluate third party applications provided by firms like Sprout and Vitrue.  Study guide: ebook The Little Blue Book of Facebook

Tagging Tricks and Techniques  January 25th, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

Tagging is one of the most effective techniques on Facebook to go viral. You’ll learn successful techniques to use photos, videos and graphic images that you and your fans can tag that will spread your message through their network of friends. You’ll pick up ideas on how to use tagging for events, contests, fundraising and much more. Study Guide: 22+ Tagging Resources 

Advertising on Facebook          February 22nd, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

Advertising on Facebook is an effective way to increase your fan base, inform your fans about events and activities and use your fan network supporters to spread your message. You’ll learn if CPM, or CPC are the right strategy and how to pick keywords that match your campaign. You’ll not only get started, but you’ll learn how to advertise cost effectively. You’ll end this session by creating an advertising campaign to increase registrations/participation at educational events, conferences and your own Webinars.  

Best Practices                              March 29th, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In this session we’ll examine 4 different organizations that adopted content, tagging and unique tools to increase their fan base and engagement. You’ll pick up ideas you can start the next day. Study guide: ebook Internet Dough

Using Insights effectively           April 26th, Tuesday 3- 4 PM EST

Insights are an effective tool to analyze your strategy. Insights will not only tell you the percent of users per age group, but will also share with you which content is resonating with them. By paying attention to this information you can fine tune your content and deliver more of what they are looking for. You’ll get more likes, more member sharing and more engagement.

You can accomplish more, working less when you adopt these strategies.

You’ve already invested the time to develop a Fan page. Our concentrated 6 month course will give you the nudge, knowledge and support you need to make a real difference in your Fan page and along the way, better serve you supporters and contributors!

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    When:     Webinars held the last Tuesday of the month  3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
    Where:    On the web and via phone

    How:       We’ll send participation information

    Why:       Your contributors are on Facebook!

    Cost:      6 Workshops $495 only $395

                                 (Value of Webinars, books, reports $1,800)


Allan Kuenn

Site Pro Specialties founder, Al Kuenn, has been successfully managing online advertising campaigns since 2001. He is considered by many to be a PPC Guru and an AdWords Expert. In addition to being a certified Google Advertising Professional, Al is an experienced Bing PPC Campaign manager, and is also successfully managing a number of Facebook advertising campaigns. In fact, Site Pro Specialties is proud to be a Facebook Beta Test partner. Mr. Kuenn is a PMI Certified Project Manager and has a Marketing Degree from the University of Toledo. Al has been successfully working in the Information Technology business since 1985.

Brad Kleinman

Brad's firm has been involved in helping both organizations develop and execute their Facebook strategy. While founding WorkSmart e3Marketing, Brad was the eMarketing Consultant for the Key Entrepreneur Development Center at Corporate College, a division of Cuyahoga Community College. After several years of working with the college, he accepted a full time position as Associate Director of the Entrepreneur Center and was responsible for over 50 programs a year, including the eMarketing programming he implemented at the college which continues to train hundreds of people a year in the topic of eMarketing. Brad eats, sleeps and breathes Facebook!

Jeff Wallace

Jeff was one of the early pioneers in online communities. In 1998 he was working with organizations around the world to help them develop successful online communities designed to increase their customer base, engage customers and keep them coming back. He is also a trained and experienced public relations, business management professionals, with a passion for photography. He is constantly thinking outside the box to find innovative ways organizations can reach their goals using social media and Internet strategies. Jeff is a featured speaker on Facebook and social media.

Don Philabaum

Don is one of the early pioneers in building online community. Don founded a company in 1995 that built over 300 alumni online communities that connected and engaged millions of alumni worldwide. Don is the author of "Internet Dough", "Engage Customers Online", "Alumni Online Engagement", "Create a NET-Centered College Campus" and numerous white papers including "Facebook for the Executive Suite". Over 2,000 people have attended webinars where he presented the latest Linkedin & Facebook strategies.

Materials/Resource you will receive:

  1. Content is King! This 20 page report includes 4 types of content, 6 content sources (value $95)
  2. 64 + Content Strategies for Your Fan Page - 21 Page report provides dozens of proven content strategies (value $95)
  3. Internet Dough – This 200 page book provides 97 Internet strategies to engage customers (value $39.95)
  4. The Little Blue Book of Facebook - Develop a comprehensive strategy (value $125)
  5. Tagging Resources – Listing of Tagging resource material
  6. Facebook Page Management – This report provides practical advice on how to manage your Fan page (Value $29.95)
  7. Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite - This Webinar is a perfect introduction for your management. Available on demand (value $195)

Plus, all participants will receive a certificate of Facebook Fan Page Management you can share with management and include on your resume.








 The first five registered will receive a one hour Facebook Fan Page critique and consultation

  • All attendees will receive a pdf copy of the book, Internet Dough


  • Whitepaper "Content is King"


  • Whitepaper "67+ Facebook Fan Page Content Ideas"


  • eBook "The Little Blue Book of Facebook"



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