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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Recruit Students with “User generated” Content
 Create an ARMY of students, alumni and parents to create content prospective students can read, see, watch and interact with!


Just like in mass and direct marketing, you have dozens of Internet strategies available to help you recruit students. Among the more popular are:

  • Email marketing
  • Facebook Fan pages and Facebook advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

“User generated” content strategies 

However a new, low cost and easy to adopt strategy involves using content created by current students, faculty and alumni. Their photos, status updates and videos on social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube will:

  • Capture the attention, time and engagement of your prospective students and their parents
  • Increase your search engine rankings  

Content is the fuel that drives engagement.  

Content is what keeps your prospective students coming back to validate their interest in your college.  A prospective student watching a video testimonial by a student, or reading suggestions by your alumni on how to prepare for a career, or viewing photos that your students took at a recent event  - all influence prospective students. 

Students are savvy “search users”.  

A student searching for your college could be presented with just your website, OR, the results page could display lots of content describing your events, courses, extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations and everyday things like dorm life to night life! Every single of piece of content that is created about your organization is automatically and in some cases instantly indexed by search engines making it available for the next person to pick it up. 

Six benefits of “User generated” content 

“User generated” content provides benefits you can’t get from traditional marketing: 

  1. It’s viral! You can use others networks to get your message out
  2. Reach out of state and International contacts
  3. Pinpoint the kind of student you want
  4. Get others involved in the recruitment process
  5. You get back some control of your brand
  6. Technology, delivery and talent is free  

By attending this complimentary Webinar, you’ll learn about the:

  • Four Content Sources
  • Four Content Types
  • Six Content Media
  • Seven Content Creators
  • Eight Content Tools
 Additionally, we’ll share with you a case study that will provide valuable tips and ideas that you can copy and implement in your online student recruitment strategy.  Plus you will receive the white paper, Content is King!


Don Philabaum
Don is one of the early pioneers in building online community. Don founded a company in 1995 that built over 300 alumni online communities that connected and engaged millions of alumni worldwide. Don is the author of "Internet Dough", "Engage Customers Online", "Alumni Online Engagement", "Create a NET-Centered College Campus" and numerous white papers including "Facebook for the Executive Suite".   Over 2,000 people have attended webinars where he presented the latest Linkedin & Facebook strategies.




Your Social Media strategy should include "user generated" content!

  •  Not sure what to do?  Call us!  We've been developing Internet strategies for clients since your prospective students were in grade school!

  • Get your pdf copy of the book, Engage Customers Online


  • and the Whitepaper "Admissions Office Tapping into the Social GRID"



  • also the Whitepaper "Content is KING!

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