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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite

Complimentary 60 minute Executive briefing on how your organization can use Facebook!


  • Does this whole social networking thing have you puzzled?
  • Are you having trouble identifying how your organization can play in this space?
  • Would you be interested in ahigh level overview on Facebook can drive revenue, customer engagement/retention and profits? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, do yourself a favor and spend the next 2 minutes reading this information. You’ll learn 3 powerful reasons why your executive suite should be developing a Facebook strategy - immediately!   Then watch the 60 minute complimentary video.

1)  Facebook is no longer an exclusive online community for your kids!

Sure it started out as an online community for college students. But heck, there are only 18 million college students in the United States and there are 600 MILLION subscribers now on Facebook.
  Consider these facts: 
  • 7/8th of its members are older than 24 years old.
  • The fastest growing age bracket is 35 and older
  • The average person is spending 53 minutes per session and accessing Facebook 5-6 times per day!
 This client acquisition, retention and engagement channel is bigger than the Super Bowl audience and it runs 24/7/365. More importantly, with the new Facebook Platform your organization can tap into any data on Facebook for free!
2)  Facebook is your new marketing, PR, and advertising channel
To reach customers in the old days, all you had to do was hand a check to your sales rep from the TV, radio, newspaper or magazine company you worked with and wait for customers to buy your products. However, each of these mass media marketing channels are reeling from the effects of changing behaviors and the disintermediating effect of the Internet.

You know better than us, that the old way to reach customers is falling apart:
  • Newspapers are closing their doors, losing subscribers or filing for bankruptcy, (i.e. Chicago Sun Times, Tribune)
  • Magazines are losing subscribers (have you seen how few ads are in Business Week?)
  • Youth no longer is listen to radio (due to iPods, phones, streaming music)
  • TV and the movie industry fighting to maintain market share
 So as the mass media industry continues to implode, where are you going to find your customers? Well, not only on Facebook but on the other growing online communities like: 
  • YouTube with over 150 million subscribers
  • Linkedin with 48 million business subscribers (ave. age 41 earning $105,000)
  • MySpace with 180 million subscribers
  • Twitter who is an up and coming marketing and communication channel with 40 million users 
The behavior of your customers has changed!

Your customers are learning to connect, engage and consume content online. With nearly 20 percent of online community members accessing it from their iPhones, it’s clear this experience is built into their daily routine, no matter where they are at.

3)   Facebook is your new customer engagement platform!

Facebook is emerging as a platform that businesses and organizations are using to build sub communities, creating marketing strategies around and engaging customers. Facebook sees themselves as a social utility. Your competitors are starting to see them as:
  1. The world’s largest phone book housing a mountain of data that you can tap into for free
  2. A news delivery platform that could become the future of newspapers
  3. A marketing channel that is bigger and has a broader reach than most traditional marketing channels combined (AND it’s free)
  4. A CRM and customer service platform
  5. Tool to learn more about prospects in order to close deals
  6. A way to reach a global audience
  7. Cheap product research and marketing tool
  8. A powerful way to amplify word of mouth marketing 
Join us for a fast paced Webinar where we’ll give you a high level look at how you can use Facebook, but more importantly, share with you the phenomenal changes it is bringing to your business today. Its time you took a firsthand look at Facebook and find out what your kids have been doing the past 5 years and learn what your customers are doing today.

Your organization needs to be identifying how you are going to use this business tool.... before your competitors do!

Don Philabaum was an early pioneer of online communities. He registered the URL www.onlinecommunity.com in 1996 and began building password protected online communities for organizations like Associated Financial, ExxonMobile, London School of Economics. Don has written 5 books, including Internet Dough that reminds companies to develop a comprehensive Internet strategies and Engage Customers Online, a massive social media bible that includes 97 Internet strategies and 73 case studies.



 Got Questions?  Ask!  We've been developing Internet Strategies for organizations since the Facebook/MySpace generation where in kindergarden!

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