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Tuesday, June 2, 2020



Facebook Fan Page Photos & Tagging

How to go viral using photos, images and graphics to increase fans, engagement, communication and contributions!

Tips for Alumni, Annual Giving, Capital Campaign & Admission professionals!

One of the great tools available to you on Facebook is the tagging function.  Tagging allows you to put a name of a person on a photo, image or graphic. 

This provides two primary benefits:

  1. The tagged person receives an update on their wall that they were tagged, which encourages them to click to look at the image and comment on it.
  2. Their friends are notified when their friend is tagged and have the option of viewing the image and leaving a comments

Tagging is probably one of the most viral tools Facebook Fan Pages offer! 

Your staff can use tagging to increase:

  • Participation at events, conferences & membership
  • Dues, contributions and revenue!
  • Communication and engagement

Plus, tagging is fun!  Your alumni and prospective students are on Facebook because they want to connect and be recognized!  

Join us for a fun, engaging Webinar where we’ll talk about:

  1. Taking photographs of alumni and prospective students at every event, then posting and tagging their photos.
  2. Using mascots and life like posters of celebrities at events to create a variety of photo opportunities.
  3. Encouraging attendees to photograph themselves with mugs and t-Shirts anywhere around the globe.
  4. Creating Fan pages for clubs and organizations to capture photos and videos you can build community around.
  5. Photograph the President or other dignitaries with each guest arriving at events and posting and tagging them.

Each of these ideas will make your Fan Page more viral!

We’ll also talk about engagement!

You don’t want to use your Fan page EXCLUSIVELY as a broadcast tool to get your message out.  Think of it as an engagement tool, a way you can engage people, connect them with others like them and recognize them for their participation!

To do that, your Fan page needs to focus on your Fans and their needs!  We’ll share with you how you can build a strategy using engagement that will significantly increase “likes” and “posts”. 

You’ll learn how to use:

  • Contests
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Recognize volunteers, ambassdors for their achievements

So are you interested? If you are, click the link below and register today! 

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Jeff Wallace

Jeff was one of the early pioneers in online communities.  In 1998 he was working with organizations around the world to help them develop successful online communities designed to increase their customer base, engage customers and keep them coming back. He is also a trained and experienced public relations, business management professionals, with a passion for photography. He is constantly thinking outside the box to find innovative ways organizations can reach their goals using social media and Internet strategies.   Jeff is a featured speaker on Facebook and social media.

Don Philabaum

Don is one of the early pioneers in building online community. Don founded a company in 1995 that built over 300 alumni online communities that connected and engaged millions of alumni worldwide. Don is the author of "Internet Dough", "Engage Customers Online", "Alumni Online Engagement", "Create a NET-Centered College Campus" and numerous white papers including "Facebook for the Executive Suite".   Over 2,000 people have attended webinars where he presented the latest Linkedin & Facebook strategies.








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