Three Webinars to get your Fan Page strategy started!

Saturday, September 19, 2020



Your Organization Needs a Facebook Strategy!

 Webinars for beginners to advanced all three are now available On Demand today.  Get the information you need for your Facebook strategy.  



We like to say that Facebook is the world’s largest phone book.  It provides you the ability to find customers and supporters AND be found by 500,000,000 Facebook users.  You can communicate, engage and inform, all at no cost!  This free opportunity also allows you to add video, photos, links, create events, charge for services, take polls, conduct surveys and much more. Something phone books could NEVER do!

 Start building your organizations Facebook strategy today!  All Webinars are available, RIGHT now - on demand so register today!  


Click to get all 3 Webinars On Demand - only $195   

(3 Webinars for the price of one!)


1)  Facebook 101 -  Workshop on Creating a Facebook Page for  Your Organization

If you don’t have a Facebook page and you want to set one up, join this Webinar.  Jeff Wallace, Internet Consultant for ISG will show you step by step how to set up a powerful Facebook page and give you a dozen tips on what you need to keep in mind when you set up your page.  Jeff will get you started RIGHT the first time.  

       Details?  Click here!             On Demand by presenter Jeff Wallace


2)  Facebook 201 -  Facebook Page Best Practices

See proven ideas and concepts organizations have already implemented on their Public Profile Pages.  We’ll present 24 sample Facebook Public Profile Pages from a variety of organizations and industries.  (non profit, corporate, government and religious)  Join Brad Kleinman director of Education and Training from eSmart-Marketing and walk away with ideas you can implement tomorrow!  

      Details?  Click here!                  On Demand  presenter Brad Kleinman


3)  Facebook 301 -  Take Your Organizations Facebook Page to the NEXT Level!

Facebook has made a major upgrade to the organization profile pages.  You can include polls, quizzes, add video and audio links, sell products and services, take registrations for events and communicate with greater ease with your “fans”.   Learn 10 powerful techniques to increase participation.  You can participate in the Facebook Public Profile Page Makeover contest with John  Maven too!     

     Details?  Click here!                     On Demand  presenter John Maven


Click to Get all 3 Webinars On Demand

On Demand = Watch whenever you want, as long as you want as often as you want.  Invite staff to view too! When you register, you'll recieve a link to the Webinars and materials.

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