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Facebook 301 -Take Your Organization's Facebook Page to the NEXT Level!


You'll learn 10 new ways to increase your "fan base" and increase participation!


  Learn about Facebook 101 & 201

Facebook’s new Public Profile Page will help you:

  • Generate leads / increase supporters
  • Sell more products / services / receive more contributions

If your organization has a Facebook “fan” page you have an opportunity to take it to the next level to increase the number of fans/supporters and contributors, communication, and functionality.  Facebook is moving toward giving you more control, options and connecting points with your supporters and members.  They are now referring to your “fan” page as a Public  Profile Page.  (which we’ll refer to from here on – but you can call it anything you want!)

 This is great news for your organization!

Your old page still works and you don’t really have to do anything right now.  If you are like most organizations, however, you probably would like to get more “fans” and increase participation.

The new changes Facebook implemented in the last couple of months (we expect to see more changes by the time we hold the Webinar) will give you the ability to take your FPPP to the next level.

Chances are you’ve already noticed that your Public Profile page acts much like your personal profile page and includes your Wall, Info, Boxes, Discussions and Photos.  The changes are more intuitive and will make it easier to administrate and maintain. These changes will enable you to effortlessly insert audio, video, photos and links into your status and wall comments.  Your message will get out to more people, with less effort, faster! 

But the REALLY neat changes are, in many cases, behind the scenes.   That’s what we’ll be digging into.   For example, did you know that you can:

  1. Have your fans/ customers/ supporters invite 1 or all of their friends to become a fan of your organization's Public Profile page.  This one change will rapidly increase the number of friends and participation on your page.  (this feature just went live - last week)
  2. “freeze” your status update to promote events and activities
  3. Use your mobile phone to update your Facebook Public Profile status from an event or game  (give real-time coverage)
  4. Encourage supporters to text “fan your organization name” to FB 32665 from their mobile phones to be added as a fan instantly
  5. Import a blog into your Facebook Public Profile page so your stories show up automatically in your “fan” feeds

Practical information you can use!

John will spend the hour showing you the changes and offering 10 ways you can use the new changes to increase the number of fans and increase participation!

He'll share advice on how you can integrate the changes in your page, and answer your questions.  Send your questions ahead of time or ask during the presentation.  Also if you are proud of your organizations Public Profile page, tell us about it so we can show it off! 

You’ll see examples of other organizations that are already championing these changes and effectively implementing them on their page.  With new opportunities come new issues.  We’ll discuss issues you will face and solicit thoughts from others on how to work around them.

You’ve already invested time in developing your Facebook Public Profile page for your organization.  Join us for this workshop to learn how you can immediately begin to take your Facebook  Public Profile page to the next level!  

So what's the end result?

  1. Recruit new customers, contributors or supporters
  2. Sell more products, services
  3. Increase customer loyalty

The ideas you take away from this Webinar can be implemented by you or your team immediately!


         When:     On Demand - When you want to watch and listen

         Where   On the web and via phone

         How:       We’ll send you the recorded Webinar and materials

         Why:       You need to take your Facebook Public Profile page to the next level

         Cost:       Only $195  for all 3 Webinars, Facebook 101, 201 and 301

  Plus you will receive:

  1. PDF of the Power Point
  2. Copy of the white paper, “Facing UP to the Facebook/MySpace Generation”
  3. Copy of the white paper "Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite"


Learn about Facebook 101 & 201

About John Maver, co founder of Thought Labs

John helps companies get connected to their customers on Social Networking sites. John has worked with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies to find the right goals, strategies, and implementations for Social Media. He has been involved with the Facebook, Bebo and MySpace platforms from the time they were released and has written several successful applications. As a result, John was the Featured Developer on Bebo for the Spring of 2008, a speaker on Facebook and Bebo development, and is the co-author of the upcoming book - Facebook Development: A Complete Guide to Smart Application Development for the Facebook Platform.


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 Learn about Facebook 101 and 201

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