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Facebook 101 - Workshop to Create a Facebook Public Profile Page for Your Organization

Learn about Facebook 201 and 301

So you are trying to determine if you need a Facebook Public Profile Page, right?

You are not alone!

Right now, your organization website is sitting out in the middle of a virtual world and unless you’ve done a great job promoting it, developing an emarketing campaign, using an email acquisition and SEO strategy, few people are finding it. You might as well have put a billboard in the middle of a field in Wyoming!

On the other hand, if you had a Facebook Public Profile Page, your organization would be participating in an active online world of over 380 million people that spend an average of 15 minutes on Facebook, every time they visit.     If your organization had a Facebook Public Profile Page you could use it to attract new customers/supporters and use it to build your brand, communicate your message and increase revenue and contributions.

The good news is this:  While your Website might have cost you thousands of dollars to develop, a Facebook Public Profile Page will cost you nothing. So why not take the time to set up a Facebook page for your organization?  And if you have, why not find out how to do it right!?

Jeff Wallace, Internet Consultant for ISG will show you the step by step process on how to set up a powerful Facebook page and give you a dozen tips on what you need to keep in mind when you set up your page.
Here's What Others Say

Thanks to you and your teams. Your information and experiences that you have shared will help us move into a better and stronger community through facebook. 

The Facebook 101 Webinar yesterday was very beneficial.  You presented it in a step by step fashion that was fantastic for me.  I had no clue on how to get started and now I feel like I'll be leagues ahead of my peers at other institutions!


I have found your webinar to be extremely helpful and very interesting. Most of the Webinars I've been to on social media have been high level and didn't give me what I needed.  I was looking for practical information to get me started.  The white papers, Power Points, video and document with dozens of frequently asked questions was just what I need to get started.


You’ll learn:

  1. The difference in Facebook Pages and Groups. Which is right for you?
  2. Why choosing who creates a page within your organization is vitally important
  3. How to set up “Admins” so multiple people in your organization can help update it
  4. How to add applications to increase the functionality of your Profile Page
  5. How to control/edit application functionality
  6. Suggestions on what you could include in the 10 spaces available in your Boxes tab
  7. Easiest ways to link to videos on YouTube
  8. What you need to do to set up and connect your organizations Twitter account to your organizations Public Profile Page Newsfeed
  9. How to control the “tab” your fans first land on
  10. How to upload images and photos
  11. How to “tag” people in photos and why it is so important
  12. How to search for and add friends

Plus, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to market your website
  • Ideas on how to integrate your existing website with your Facebook Public Profile Page
  • Suggestions on how to communicate with your fans
  • How you can include PDF flyers that supporters can download
  • 5 free, effective applications to increase your fan base and participation
  • Simple customizations you don’t have be a Graphic Designer to do!
  • Invite people to events – see who’s coming, who’s not and who might be

Now there are no excuses to not have a Facebook Public Profile Page for your department or organization.

Bonus:   All attendees will also receive access to a step by step video that takes you through the steps you need to create a successful Facebook strategy.  (you can watch it as many times as you want!)

Attendees will receive:
  1. Presentation PDF
  2. Access to step by step video instructions on how to set up your Public Profile Page
  3. “Facebook and the Executive Suite!” A white paper on how to use Facebook in your organization.
  4. A PDF copy of the book, Internet Dough. This book lays it out in layman’s terms why your firm needs to have a comprehensive Internet strategy – TODAY!
  5. The white paper, “Facing UP to the Facebook/MySpace Generation”


      When:         On Demand, when you want to listen and watch 
      Where:       On the web and via phone
      How:           We’ll send you the recorded Webinar

      Why:           Your organization needs to meet customers where they are at
      Cost:           Only $195 - for all 3 Webinars Facebook 101, 201 and 301

Learn about Facebook 201 and 301!


?’s - Call 800-805-9413 or

Whose should attend?  

Hospitals, libraries, businesses, non profits, museums, associations, career centers and..

  1. Department managers
  2. Marketing and communication directors
  3. Business owners
  4. Managers
  5. Web managers
  6. Graphic designers


Jeff Wallace, Internet Consultant for ISG

Jeff was one of the early pioneers in online communities.  In 1998 he was working with organizations around the world to help them develop successful online communities designed to increase their customer base, engage customers and keep them coming back. He is also a trained and experienced public relations, business manag
ement professionals, with a passion for photography. He is constantly thinking outside the box to find innovative ways organizations can reach their goals using social media and Internet strategies.   Jeff is a featured speaker on Facebook and social media.

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