Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Your Facebook Fan page has become as important as the Yellow Pages were for companies just 5 years ago.  

To get the maximum benefit from your Fan page and reach your customers network of friends, you need a strategy!  This summer and fall, we've lined up our most popular Webinars and are making them available to you.  

Pick any Webinars and get the second one for 1/3 off!


 Facebook Webinars 


Create a Conversation With Your Fans

Develop a Fan Page content strategy to communicate, engage, listen to and connect with your fans!

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Facebook Advertising Tips, Best Practices

Increase leads, communication, participation & profits!

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Fan Page Photos, Tagging Go Viral

Develop a photo and tagging strategy to reach your fans network of friends to carry your message.

Advanced Facebook Strategies

Facebook Plugin; Like, Recommend, Comment and other tools bring Facebook to YOUR website


 Social Media and Linkedin


Customer Behavior Has Changed!

Community, Collaboration, Content, Crowdsourcing, Communication, Commerce Drive Relationships

Develop Your Social/Facebook Brand

Tips, Best Practices to use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to build your personal and corporate brand!





Thanks for sharing the information!  The Webinar was just what I needed.  Facebook has been a mystery to me and your Webinar helped me see the business potential for our organization.

You gave our organization a shot in the arm and there is a new excitement to use Facebook within HR, sales/marketing and customer service.

Finally, someone explained the business value of Facebook in terms that made it easy to understand.  We’ve got a lot to learn.

Loved the comment about how to friend subordinates and my kids.  That alone was worth the price of admission!



Don Philabaum

PIck up the information to communicate, engage and reach your customers network of friends.  Participate in any of our Webinars.

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