Saturday, September 19, 2020
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So you have a Facebook Fan Page!  Are you using:

  • FBML to create a branded page that is integrated with your giving strategies?
  • Open Social to build community on your existing page?
  • Insights to analyze your results?
  • Advertising to find more volunteers, contributors and supporters?

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Non Profit Internet Strategies

Your organization has a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire, retain and engage supporters using Internet technology.  

The behavior of your supporters have changed drastically in the past 5 years and many are now moving to an “always on” lifestyle.  They are leaving behind traditional media like radio, TV and magazines and using Web 2.0 tools to gather news, information, shop, entertain and even educate themselves.

You have an opportunity to use online community, social media and Internet marketing to effortlessly acquire new supporters, volunteers and contributors.   But how?

That’s where we can help you!

We’ll work with you to create viral marketing techniques to spread the word and increase the buzz about your needs, goals and accomplishments.  We can also help you adopt low cost push/pull Internet techniques that will keep your supporters coming back to your website and stay engaged and supportive.  

Do you have a choice?  NO, it’s a competitive world!  Thousands of other non profits like yours are vying for your contributors time, attention and financial resources. You have to keep them connected, and always “tuned in”.  You can’t wait till tomorrow to connect with your supporters.  The longer you wait, the more likely, they will become engaged and connected to another non profit who has successfully adopted online community and social media.   We show you how you can accomplish that effortlessly online.

Here’s a number of different ways we can help you:

   1. Gather more email addresses from prospective supporters
   2. Develop effective eMarketing strategies
   3. Build a powerful group of online volunteers to spread the word
   4. Increase contributions online using social media tools and Web 2.0 tools



Non Profit Minimize

What would you like to accomplish?  Let us know. Our decade plus experience at helping non profits worldwide create repeatable, predictable and measurable Internet strategies will ensure your success!  Consider web your organizations “secret weapon”.   You should be investing time into developing a comprehensive Internet strategy to acquire, retain and engage customers.


Call us!  866-385-8084

When you do, we’ll email you a PDF of the book, “Alumni Online Engagement, 101 Strategies to Engage Alumni from Cradle to Grave”.   You will find hundreds of relevant ideas and concepts that you can adapt to your emerging Internet strategy.

Organizations we can help!

  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Associations
  • Non Profits
  • Research
  • Youth
  • Schools

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