Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Government Internet Strategies

What are you doing to engage your citizen and involve them in running the government?
  • How are you using social media to involve your constituents in solving the issues your department wrestles with every day? 
  • What Internet strategies do you have to enable you to communicate the good things you are doing?
  • How are you using Web 2.0 tools to make your constituents part of the solution?  
You have an unbelievable opportunity to engage your citizens and use their expertise, knowledge and experience to make your community the best in the nation.  You can do that by adopting an Internet strategy that moves beyond the administrative tools and services and one that uses the Internet to accomplish what our forefathers envisioned.
Communities run by the people!
Internet Strategies Group helps government organizations like yours, develop Internet strategies that use online community and social media to acquire volunteers and empower them to use their passion and expertise to create and manage community improvement initiatives and programs. 
There are four immediate areas we can help with:
  1. Identify Internet strategies to acquire, retain and engage volunteers to assist your departments in accomplishing their goals.
  2. Adopt Web 2.0 tools to encourage your constituents to help manage their neighborhood and the city.
  3. Design and set up neighborhood online communities that include electronic neighbor hood watch programs, with a tie in to Homeland Security.
  4. Develop an email acquisition and email use policy for all departments so you can communicate more frequently at less cost.


You are doing a great job migrating you’re the services you provide your constituents online.Now you have to begin thinking about how you can use the collective power of your citizens to help run your city.  We know from experience, if you bring your community into the process of solving the issues you face, they will be more supportive and pleased with your service!
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When you do, we’ll email you a PDF of the book, “Internet Dough, Make More Dough Marketing Online” .   You’ll find it a fascinating read that will provide you a blue print on how to develop your comprehensive Internet strategy.

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