Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Alumni & Advancement Internet Strategies

An internet strategy that will attract more alumni, connect them with your college, and get them to contribute more money, more often!
No, we’re not kidding! This CAN be done!
Hundreds of alumni and advancement professionals, just like you, have come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Already stressed for time, they are being pushed to increase registrations in their online communities. They need to increase contributions, but with only limited tools and resources at their disposal, they're not sure how to begin. The Internet is huge and has even more options available for getting the job done. Where do you start?

Start here – with Internet Strategies Group.

We do this kind of thing all day long, and we’ve been doing it since the MySpace kids were in kindergarten. We GET it. And, we will help YOU, and your team, get it too – in far less time, for less money, and with better results than you imagined. The Internet Strategies Group helps higher education raise more money from their alumni online community by providing your team:
 …on how to effectively use Internet technology to increase EVERYTHING!


Give Alumni what they want – and they’ll give back
We’ll help you learn how to provide your alumni with the valuable networking connections, information, and experience they want. We'll show you how to keep them involved and informed in all of the new and exciting things your college is doing by using video, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, tags, and other emerging technology.

All of these amazing tools are available and are more cost effective than ever. Organizations that know how to use them have seen it pay back in spades. 
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Internet Strategy

An Internet strategy will help you catch up with your peers:

An alumni association with 30,000 alumni receives $1,000,000 in un-solicited on-line contributions
Academy processes over $500,000 in event registration payments automatically through their online community
Private college registers 20,000 alumni in their online community in only 11 months
State college has 9,000 alumni visiting their online community each month!
Private college alumni association has over 4,000 active volunteers
Alumni association sends 200 emailings containing 500,000 email addresses saving $150,000
99 percent of graduates register in private college alumni online community

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