Create an effortless online conversation with your fans!

Saturday, September 19, 2020


Create a Conversation with Your Fan Page Fans!
 Develop a publishing strategy to communicate, engage, listen and connect!
Just like in mass and direct marketing, you have dozens of Internet strategies available to help you connect and enage with customers, members, volunteers and fans!
Among the more popular are:
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook Fan pages and Facebook advertising
  • Twitter
A Fan Page offers a three way conversation!
The most effective tool you have available today is your Fan Page.  A Fan Page gives you an opportunity to develop a three way conversation with your Fans. 
You can use your Fan Page to:
  • Recognize staff, volunteers and customers for their acheivements
  • Provide discounts, specials
  • Deliver 'insider' information about products releases
  • Answer questions customers/members have
  • Help fans do business with each other

Are you spending enough time to find out what your Fans need on your Fan page?

This Webinar will focus on content!
Content is the fuel that drives engagement.  Content on your Fan Page is what keeps people coming back to connect, network and communicate.  
We'll talk about how you can use Fan comments and content to increase:
  1. Leads
  2. Buzz
  3. Communication
  4. Engagement
Plus provide better customer services.  And we'll discuss different ways to get customers/members to offer testimonials and endorsements.
By attending this Webinar, you’ll learn about the:
  • Four content sources
  • Four content types
  • Six content media
  • Seven content creators
  • Eight content tools
You need a content strategy!
Then we'll discuss how to use Facebook Insights to evaluate what your Fans are interested in. You may think you know what your alumni and contributors are interested in, but Insights will tell you what engages them.  Remember, you want to provide content that your alumni will 'like', 'recommend' and comment on.  When they do, your message gets viral when friends see their interaction with your content. 


Don Philabaum
Don is one of the early pioneers in building online community. Don founded a company in 1995 that built over 300 alumni online communities that connected and engaged millions of alumni worldwide. Don is the author of "Internet Dough", "Engage Customers Online", "Alumni Online Engagement", "Create a NET-Centered College Campus" and numerous white papers including "Facebook for the Executive Suite".   Over 2,000 people have attended webinars where he presented the latest Linkedin & Facebook strategies.







You don't want to miss this Webinar nor the research!

  •  The first five registered will receive a one hour "content" strategy consultation

  • All attendees will receive a pdf copy of the book, Engage Customers Online


  • eBook "The Little Blue Book of Facebook" 


  • Whitepaper "Content is KING!

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