Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Facebook Fan Page Management      

6 Webinars in 6 months! You'll pick up the latest best practices, knowledge how to use Facebook Advertising, Insights and tips on content strategies.  Plus we'll introduce the 1/2 dozen new tools Facebook is introducing, including their user payment program, Facebook Credits.

Facebook Fan Page Makeover!          

We'll design a WOW Fan page!  You've got to take your Facebook Fan page to the next level. We've got experience using FBML to give your page a powerful graphic look that build your brand and engages customers.

Facebook 101, 201, 301                    

Get YOUR Facebook knowledge on demand!  This is our most popular series.  You can pick up the knowledge you need, when you have time.  It's perfect for the organization who wants to get their Fan page up and running today!

Facebook for the Executive Suite        

Everything you wanted to know about Facebook - on demand!   Your executive suite is new to Social Media.  This on hour video will share the opportunities and risks of not moving your organization into proven Social Media strategies.


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If you are looking for expertise to help your organization take advantage of the cost savings, customer retention and acquisition benefits of the social media and Web 2.0 tools. 

   Call us!  800-805-9413

 Since 1995, we’ve helped organizations like yours implement successful Internet strategies. 

 There are four immediate areas we can help: 
  1. Identify Internet strategies to acquire, retain and engage customers using social media and Web 2.0 technologies.
  2. Use online community and Web 2.0 tools to capture intellectual knowledge and encourage the formation of collaborative workgroups.
  3. Implement customer, shareholder and employee online communities.
  4. Teach your customers how to use social media to market their business.
 We’ve had experience building, marketing and managing online communities since the MySpace/Facebook Generation were in kindergarten.
We stay abreast of the trends, but more importantly advise you which trends to get on board with and which trends to avoid.  We can save you from going down a lot of dead ends and save you a great deal of money by helping you launch successful Internet strategies.
In the meantime, download the book, “Internet Dough", Create A Business Internet Strategy and Make More Dough".   You’ll find it a fascinating read that will provide you a blue print on how to develop your comprehensive Internet strategy.





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