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Lynne Waymon

Building Strong Alumni Communities

To: Alumni Directors and Professionals
From: Lynne Waymon and Anne Baber,
co-authors of Make Your Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2007)  

Re: Building Strong Alumni Communities: 10 Networking Activities to Help Your Members Connect and Stay Active.

From our work with Universities, we know your goal is to build strong alumni communities by hosting events that help your alumni make career, professional, and life connections.

Don’t leave those connections to chance! We’ve designed 10 networking Activities that will

    * insure the growth of your chapters,

    * give your alumni state-of-the-art networking skills, and

    * build your chapters' reputation as THE place to network.

Why do structured Activities accomplish those goals better than “open” networking where people just mill around and talk? Because most people haven’t learned the tools for creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on networking opportunities and relationships.

Click here to listen to a brief interview with the author about how others have used this resource at alumni events: LISTEN (it will take a minute or so to download)

Take a look at the statistics:

  • Almost 60% of Americans say they feel shy and unsure about what to say in a variety of business and social settings. (Source: The Shyness Institute, Stanford University)
  • 97% of people say they have trouble remembering names. 66% say they are unsure how to answer, “What do you do?” 75% don’t know what to talk about to build the relationship. (Source: Contacts Count Research)
  • 93% of all business cards exchanged are thrown away in the first 24 hours. (Source: Sales Promoters Paradise)

Use the Activities in Building Strong Alumni Communities at every event.

  • 10 original, field-tested Activities designed to help your alumni make great connections at your events.
  • Ideas for getting people to mix and mingle, change partners, and circulate.
  • Detailed scripts for what to say when you lead each Activity.
  • A list of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies needed for each Activity.
  • Estimated time for each Activity, so you can plan your events and stay on track.
  • Tips for handling logistics like a pro.
  • Tips for creating a positive networking culture in your alumni groups.
  • Activities to use with big or small groups.
  • Tips for choosing the right person to lead the Activity.
  • Strategies for involving “celebrity” alumni in your programming.
  • Job descriptions for Greeters and people to handle logistic.
  • Repeatable, adaptable ideas so you have several years of Activities
  • 60-pages of directions, to use at your events.
  • Activity titles:

  • 1. Ask Me 6. It’s In the Cards
    2. Quotable Notables 7. TV Interview Show
    3. Great Connections 8. Swap Meet
    4. Treasure Hunt 9. Multiplication
    5. Starring Roles 10. Meet the Pros

Building Strong Alumni Communities
was created by Lynne Waymon and Anne Baber, the nation’s experts on professional and business networking and authors of Make Your Contacts Count. (AMACOM, New York, 2002, 2007) Put the book on your web site for your alumni leaders to download, or print copies to distribute.

Order your copy of Building Strong Alumni Communities: 10 Networking Activities to Help Alumni Get & Stay Active, now $149. Click HERE to order!

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